Why Are Some Females So DRAWN TO Investment Bankers?

In my last year of college or university, I met an investment bank graduate in course. He was smart, confident, well-composed, and came to class in a suit everyday. He appeared extremely good in his suit because of his elevation and build, very tall with wide and muscly shoulders. He was opinionated, always giving his opinion and speaking out in class and when he did everybody listened carefully.

Even the teacher was particularly impressed and always asked for his opinion or would appear to him after class for more debate. He began talking to me and requesting me out. I dropped hard. I’ve never fulfilled anyone who was simply such a simple talker, so charismatic and…. It’s like my fantasy guy moving out of my dream.

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This is before I knew that he was anything remotely rich.( And he could be rich, came from a very rich family and lives in a elegant house in a very nice area). I just knew he was hot and cool and so perfect. He rides a motorbike as well, and being truly a shy and quite sheltered young woman I had been so impressed.

He got me on his bicycle a few times and I recall feeling special and exciting. But he was far from my wish guy. He was a good liar, so good. I’ve also never fulfilled anyone so reasonable and so proficient at reasoning. I just quit everytime I attempted to claim with him because everything he said made sense.

I understood that he was a player type from the start, my friend warned that she noticed him with another young lady on the day he asked me out. But I aside chose to brush it. I had been so blinded. I recall I had a ridiculous fantasy even, in which he told me that he has 7 girlfriends already, and I told him I don’t care if you have 7 or 100 girlfriends I still want to be with you.

He made my brain turn into a big soupy mess. In the weeks which i was with him, week that I did not have mood swings there is not just a solitary. He’d make me super happy then super sad and angry. Week that I spent without waiting There was not just a single, anticipating. His workload was crazy, and I had been always remaining to question whether he was doing offers or telling the truth.