What Do I Do?

I can join the team in my college next 12 months. What must i do! I am approximately around 160 pounds and im about 5’7 or 5’8. Im 13 years olds. What do i do? Don’t worry about how exactly much you weigh. If you wish to try for the soccer team, they won’t caution how much you weigh, but how good of a soccer player you are.

Obviously, you want to be fit and that means you can run without dying on the field. The common soccer player runs about 2-3 mls during each game. So, try jogging so your body can be used to the amount of exercise that you will be doing. Then ensure that you practice your soccer skills. Practice dribbling the ball without taking a look at it and juggling (bouncing the ball in one foot or leg to the other without letting it touch the gorund).

Find someone who will practice with you so you can pass, stop, and dribble around one another. You are known by me can take action! Like its before been said, who cares how much or how little you weigh. Who cares how short or high you are. Who cares how skinny or fat.

Alls that matters is you skill with yourself. In soccer, you need control of the ball, easy maneuverability, and acceleration. Run run run. Work on your endurance and your ball-handling skills. I realized your enthusiasm, because a long time ago It had been my situation the same way of yours.

  • Add alfalfa or mung beans to salad to get extra iron
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  • 300-800 calories per mixed drink

You should definitely take some natural supplements to lose your body weight %26amp; body fat and that will improve your immune system also. Best Wishes.|||We’ve available on our site a number of different types of exercises that I think would be beneficial for you to get in good form for sports. Interval training. Good at all times bodyweight training to construct endurance and strength.

Remember, weight loss in virtually any form, for just about any good reason starts with understanding the problem. If you are ready where you want to lose weight then you have a problem that needs fixing right? Looking at weight loss this way makes it much easier to figure out what needs to be done. Before you embark on any weight loss strategy find out the actual problem is. Once you take the steps highlighted above you will know how many calories your consuming and how bad the imbalance is, the trick is to diagnose fix. It will be much easier so that you can find effective weight loss once you understand what isn’t right and then going following that.