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About a week ago I submitted about finding Autodesk’s Fusion 360 free CAD software. On this timeframe I have already been investing in as much work as possible to break the software down and learn how it is to create something with it. I am still quite impressed by what this software can do this I possibly could not accomplish in other CAD software that I have worked with. With all of this in mind I set out to create a simple computer model of possibly another project that I might develop further as time moves on.

In two times I was able to produce this beautiful CAD model of a jet drive boat. It is nowhere near complete however the point of this model was just to see what I could learn from the software and how hard it was to manipulate a design after I had started with it.

I am also putting in the hours that it requires to learn the software’s tools and how to use them. In the images the truth is here I have have not put in the detailed anatomist to actually make this a working fishing boat either small or full sized. That takes a lot more time than only a few days to work through even if you are only heading to make say a RC radio controlled boat. Something that would be much cheaper to develop than a full sized motorboat to make sure and still be a lot of fun to create and build.

In this version of the motorboat I made a decision to full enclose the sail boat which would make it a lot simpler for an RC model to be certain. Electric drive would be my best guess as to how to power such a model so that is another thought on this design.

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I am quite impressed with the graphics that Fusion 360 creates as illustrated with these images. Very easy to understand configurations to make various views and light setups so it’s lots of fun on the way while learning all the tools of the program. Anyway this is merely another plug for my views on what I believe of Fusion 360 and what it can create.

I’ll keep working on the software to learn more on the fine details that I will dependence on future tasks. But after just a few days time easily can come up with this promptly just wait until I enter something much more complicated like the images you observe below. This radio managed car was modeled using Fusion 360 and the photos were published on the Autodesk users website. Tremendous modeling done here making my boat appear to be I have a lot more work to go before it could even be put into a little pond of drinking water.