Phthalates In Baby Skin Care Products

Background: The systemic toxicity of phthalates has been thoroughly reported. Although rarely sensitizing, phthalates have been implicated to advertise the introduction of both contact and atopy dermatitis in pet models. Dermal absorption of phthalates may donate to overall chemical burden. Infants may be particularly susceptible to chemical exposures. Baby skin care products may be considered a significant source of phthalate exposure.

Objective: We measured the phthalate content of 30 skin care products intended for babies and children. Methods: Nineteen leave-on and 11 wash-off baby skin care products were examined for 17 unique phthalates by an independent laboratory using standard gas chromatographic mass spectrometry. Results: Of 30 products tested, four experienced phthalate levels above the reporting limit (0.1-0.5 ppm); of the, only one got levels above 1 ppm (44 ppm).

Conclusion: The majority (26 of 30) of the baby skin care products analyzed did not have detectable phthalate levels. Four products had detectable phthalate levels. In baby skin care products, degrees of the 17 phthalates tested are low overall, but occasional products may contain higher phthalate levels. Monitoring products to ensure safety standards are met may be warranted.

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Montgomery: Scientists in this field are really trying to believe about how we can create and use technology which have the broadest possible human being impact and are not just for a go for few individuals. It’s true that some sequencing technology continues to be very expensive, but we’ve seen dramatic drops in the cost of genome sequencing over the last 20 years, especially within the last 10 years. Also to get specific transcriptomes sequenced is on the order of a couple of hundred dollars now.

My expectation is these approaches will continue steadily to get cheaper and more accessible, especially as research workers and doctors continue steadily to show the worthiness and electricity of the methods in the clinic. In addition, I think the public shall become more accustomed to not only understanding their genome and DNA variants, but also to the fact that there surely is valuable information in the functional outputs of their genome-such as mRNA and proteins.

This can offer really detailed information about the environments they’re surviving in, growing older, how they could react to certain drugs, all kinds of things that people just don’t have good assessments for right now. I think in the foreseeable future, people are certain to get their transcript sequenced multiple times throughout their life, just as they may have their bloodstream cell matters assessed at a scientific visit. I don’t believe it’s too much of the stretch to assume that, down the relative line, doctors can access transcriptome profiles of their patients more routinely to raised inform care.