Jorge Angel Livraga

The Acropolis Ideal has not been developed, nor has it been created by someone. It really is something natural that is in the souls of several people. When men believe that they sympathize or unite themselves to the Acropolitan Ideal, it’s not a matter of “having got into into the Acropolis”, but they have joined that Acropolis within themselves rather.

Man is like a giant, like a great bald eagle that is stuck in a small cage. If we opened the cage, would we must teach it to journey? Certainly not. The only thing we need to do is to eliminate the bars, because the eagle was born to fly. That which makes it journey isn’t just the act of opening the cage, but its vocation for the sky rather, its ancestral imagine verticalisation.

The Acropolis, then, can be said to have the function to unite everything. It is simply an attitude in the classical philosophical sense, that is, it is not a interrogation on existing and being, but rather a fresh focus based on the strength of its being so old, embracing all things, all attitudes.

What, in Acropolis, do we think of technology? Science is the breakthrough of the statutory laws and regulations that associate the causes to the effects, a greater knowledge of Nature, of the Universe, and of ourselves. But how do we arrive at this technology without understanding ourselves and the Universe first? Man is caught between two infinities.

And so it appears that there surely is no end towards the smaller and smaller, which is an infinity also. And where is man? And so we feel that there is certainly another higher infinity. If at the formal level we are between two infinities, between a combination formed by the great microcosmic infinity and the fantastic macrocosmic infinity, how can this not be the same at the religious, the mental, and technological levels? Science, therefore, will not only are made up in knowing, for example, what is the valence of Carbon, or even to measure the distance between the Earth and the Moon, or to understand how blood circulates through the physical body.

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We look for it deep down, in the origins of your time. Time is like the earth: one has to dig in it. When one digs in the planet earth superficially, all one gets is perishable dust; but if we dig deeply we have the ability to reach solid rocks. By digging ever sold we can have the ability to reach the solid rocks of philosophy. It is on these rocks that we desire to set our concepts. But Love is not just a lax or loose state of being which makes us permeable to everything. Love is not just a contemplative attitude of defeat, but rather a significant force that unites things and maintains them. What do we understand by religion?

Beyond the names of the religions, we value the “re-ligare”, that is, the reunion and the mystical take action, the verticality of man. Man is man when he recognizes that he has a nature, or better stated when the spirit recognizes that it has body, because we are so materialized that people feel spiritual whenever we say “I’ve a soul”.