How To Put Windows 10 On A MACBOOK-PRO (Past Due-2019)

Control Module for changing the trackpad settings. Precision Touch gestures and the feel of the native Windows 10 machine. It isn’t perfect, and there are quirks sometimes, but overall it’s a fine experience. If you’re already a Windows user, I recommend using it (and donating to the project if you rely onto it). So How COULD IT BE? Overall, Windows 10 operates fantastic on the MacBook Pro (late-2016).

Battery life is great, performance is excellent, and there is nothing that doesn’t work. Even the trackpad experience is quite solid. Heck, cortana and the voice-activated Hey Cortana work as well even. From my experience, if you wanted, you will make this an initial Windows 10 machine, albeit a very expensive one.

However, if you already are a Mac user and are curious about Windows 10, I see no reason to not download the Windows 10 ISO and give this a shot. As a warning, older Apple hardware might have more complications, but newer devices should be A-Okay. Keep tuned in for my full experience write-up of using Windows 10 on the MacBook Pro including even more tricks.

If you are an Apple and Mac user be sure you check out our sister site iMore for all of their Windows 10 info. It’s the best spot to ease your way in to the Microsoft world if you mainly use macOS. For more basic info on Windows 10, including some tips and our huge array of how-to articles, make sure you head to our main Windows 10 help page or leap into our community forums! We might earn a percentage for buys using our links.

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