Cheryl Lynch Quilts

I just returned from a 2 day visit to Toms River, NJ and the Beachplum Quilters. This is an energetic, fun-loving group of females with a new and fearless leader. They have big hearts and do lots of community outreach. It reinforces for me personally, if someone needs a comfort quilt, ask some quilters!

After a well attended lecture Friday evening, I retired to my hostess’ house. Now I have been a little intimidated about residing in a guild member’s home. I am a terrible sleeper and get up around 3 AM. I favor in which to stay an area hotel. But I used to be wooed by the planned program chairperson, yes you Genny, to stay in the President’s home.

She explained I would have to make time to have a cup of tea and sit and enjoy the view of water. Well I am a sucker for a drinking water view. I slept in her amazing sewing suite, complete with your bathrooms , a closet full of fabric, day bed and an incredible cat collection a cozy.

This was my favorite. I am partial to the Halloween variety. Morning In the early, I had taken my handwork and settled into a beautiful sunroom with wicker furniture and stitched away with my waterview. For breakfast, her spouse made blueberry pancakes from damage. Yum. Thanks Rich and Ellen. Day Saturday was workshop.The ladies did a great job.

BTW, Rich makes the most gorgeous reproduction thread cabinets and caddies. This one is made from beautiful birdseye maple. I could have slid one into my right away bag definitely, but my Mother trained me better! Have a look at his website to see a much better picture. This is my last gig until next March.

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I’ll be taking some time to regroup and doing some fun projects and developing some new discussions and workshops for 2013 and getting ready for my next publication, Sew Embellished! April. I’ll be posting my travel schedule for 2012 after the holidays. Have a great Thanksgiving. I’ve a lot to be thankful for this year including all of you that take the time to find out about my activities in quilting and my crazy love of life.

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