Ageless Beauty, Timeless Skin

I been employed by with Yonka products for over 30 years. Within the last five years, this product line has gone through more changes than in the previous twenty-five. Some visible changes I love, others I don’t. In all of the articles I write I offer you my honest opinion as an aesthetician dealing with this type of products. I can say that I am going to always continue to use Yonka-Paris products, but I hope in my soul Yonka doesn’t loose its heart with all the current changes occurring.

Here are the new Booster serums that will replaces some of the oldest products and formulations in the Yonka range. Read on to learn about these new enhancements. Yonka Serum is one of the oldest & most adored products in the Yonka lineup. As an aesthetician I have no say-so in the changes that happen with the products I use.

It may also be a difficult endeavor to encourage and support my clients to acquire and use a newer product when the “old one” was working just fine. I’ve yet to get a test of the new serum, but I could only desire it hasn’t improved from the basic formulation of Yonka Serum. Its incredible vitamin-packed sticktail give your skin layer an instant advance. Now revitalized and nourished, your skin is glowing. The percentages the company uses (based on tests Yonka has performed on real people) seem to be wonderful at first glance but as a professional I don’t quantify products in this manner.

To say a skin care treatment gives your skin layer a “74% raise in energy” seems not only impossible to prove-really-but it just looks ridiculous if you ask me. Regardless, using percentages is the new way Yonka is choosing to present their product information. Perhaps you, the consumer, such as this kind of vocabulary. Yonka Serum, it’ll be a lovely, true-oil product that will assist hydrate and boost circulation in your skin. Dermols exchanged by Hydralia. For a long time Yonka had glycerin-based hydration boosters called The Dermols (1, 2 and 3). The three different Dermol products were swapped out in 2012 with one homogenized version called Hydralia.

At the time, I made my thoughts known: I had been disappointed these 3 distinctly different products received all of the sudden become one. And today, Hydralia has been morphed into the new booster: Hydra-plus. This product has been used by me in treatment. When Hydralia out came, I became disappointed Dermol 3 had been discontinued.

It was great for sensitive, couperouse, and rosacea body. Having said that, the fragrance of Dermol 3 wasn’t everyone’s favorite. My anticipation is this doesn’t change a lot of men and women off of Hydra-plus. This fragrance is loved by me, but many people do not. Hydralia and Dermols did. I simply hope the aromatics aren’t a turn-off to prospects who don’t relish the type of scent coming from blackcurrant. Hydralia, this will be the only glycerin-based, non-oily choice for adding extra hydration without increasing oil.

When your skin layer feels thirsty and taut, there is absolutely no time to reduce. The 100% natural blackcurrant remove reinforces the cream’s comforting feeling when it is applied. Your skin is immediately softer, more comfortable and many more supple. Many of my clients absolutely love this new product. The most common comment I hear is how the product really helped to alleviate redness and sensitivity.

It reduced the redness of my body to the point where I didn’t need to wear makeup. Galbol 90. For me personally this is a non-event. I never used nor sold Galbol 90. I’ve always felt it was a superfluous product. I don’t believe something, Yonka or not, can truly “lift” tissue that is sagging due to age and gravity. However, both this and Galbol 90 have exceptional compounds. I simply couldn’t ever previously find room for it in my skin care regular or recommend it to my clients. But check it out to check out if you get results.

  • Pour 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel into a dish
  • Vitamin E oil (has essential vitamins and minerals) – 3 or 4 4 drops
  • American Beautyberry,
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Cleanser, $6, Amazon
  • Wear egyptian cotton or silk under your clothing made of wool or another information that feels tough
  • Hunted, by Meagan Spooner
  • I have a ton of warm browns, oranges, and shadowy browns

Let me know-I love experiencing success stories! Skin is firmer and much more toned. Neck and Face condition is redefined. Yonka and will not replace any existing product in the line. Can it reduce the “appearance” of wrinkles by 25%? I’ll let you know once I out have tried out this product. I have yet to receive any in depth information from Yonka regarding Defense plus. Once I do, I am going to go it on to you.

UV rays, air pollution, smoking, etc. Say no to the free radicals that weaken your skin and accelerates growing older. Its pine bark polyphenols, known to be incredible antioxidants, improve your skin’s level of resistance to external aggressions, and its sticktail of organic oils helps reconstruct the skin’s defensive barrier. Featuring the spirit and soul of the Yonka brand DNA, 5 proprietary essential natural oils: Quintessence Yonka essential oils. Now resilient and better covered, your pores and skin will become more radiant and beautiful, and signals of maturing will be reduced. I am going to continue steadily to upgrade you on all the noticeable changes happening with Multaler, Inc/Yonka-Paris. I think change is good primarily, but some noticeable changes are simpler to take than others!