Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2019 Finalists' Photo Draws Flak Online, Singapore News & Top Stories 1

Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2019 Finalists’ Photo Draws Flak Online, Singapore News & Top Stories

An unofficial photo of the finalists in a local beauty pageant has brought out the unpleasant aspect of some netizens. Comments on the 19 finalists for the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 range from their looks being “ugly” and “not very enough”, to questioning if they even look “Singaporean”. The organiser of the pageant, ERM Singapore Marketing, verified that six of the finalists are permanent residents, with three from China and three from Malaysia. A spokesman said the pageant is available to both Singapore and Singaporeans PRs from 17 years old. Finalist Nur Amelina, 21, didn’t realize why their countries of delivery are a genuine point of contention.

Of the Singaporeans, one was born in Myanmar and another two were created in China, said the spokesman. China-born finalist Honey Tian, 25, has been in Singapore since she was eight. She said it will not matter where contestants were from originally. The pageant will yield four winners under different titles who’ll go on to represent Singapore internationally under each title. The four titles are: Miss Singapore Tourism Queen, Miss Singapore Chinatown, Miss Singapore Global Beauty Miss and Queen Grand Singapore.

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Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen 2016 winner Priscilla Martin said while she cannot remember PRs taking part this past year, she does not think Singaporeans should be close-minded. Many netizens also questioned the legitimacy of the event, but the organiser said the pageant has been operating for 29 years using its winners going on to represent Singapore internationally.

Contestants will have makeovers over following weeks as part of the contest, and the picture was said by the pageant organiser circulating online was used before the makeovers. The picture was taken when the ladies were doing a talent and fashion showcase at OneKM mall in Katong last Saturday. Unlike this pageant, the Miss World Miss and Singapore Travel and leisure Global Singapore pageants are open only to people.

The Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant experienced about 60 applications and finalists were chosen by a committee of previous pageant winners. Contestants from other pageants have experienced harsh criticism too. Ms Shi Lim, 28, was repeatedly called “too short” and “too fat” when she vied for the Miss Universe Singapore title in 2013, which she won. The Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant shall hold its finals on Aug 25. Finalist Tricia Koh, 24, said she was suffering from the online vitriol.

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