TURN INTO A Better Business Person 1

TURN INTO A Better Business Person

What makes a successful business owner? Well for me, a successful business owner is someone that earns well into six numbers or even more each year using their business, working around 3 to 4 4 times (or less) weekly. Not in their business – but in their personal life just. It informs me that in their business they have fabulous systems and staff members that are willing and able to work even though the dog owner isn’t there.

And the business could have great information systems so that the business owner would know everything that’s going on (even though they’re not there) – so they can still ‘control’ the business enterprise. They’d have excellent marketing and sales systems that day in day out draw in ‘ideal’ customers that willingly obtain the business, at full price.

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  4. Uses a tone of voice that is moderate and kind,
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Plus because of the amount of service and quality in the business the clients are faithful and enthusiastically send other people to the business. The business enterprise owner would likewise have a high degree of trust in their staff to run the business enterprise – which ultimately shows me a few things. Number 1 1, they’d have excellent personnel recruitment and training programs to develop their employees into competent associates.

And Number 2 2 – They’d have a high level psychological maturity to permit this to happen. Within their personal life, I’d consider these business owners successful because they would have enough leisure time through the week to spend independently doing exercise or their favourite interests. This recharges their ‘batteries’ and retains them fresh. Thus they always seem to be ‘on-the-ball’.

Plus, they spend good quality time using their partner at home and their family. Just ask anyone whose business has caused a married relationship break up, and/or illness through stress. The thing is, growing a small business that overtakes your life – is very, very easy. Most business owners achieve this within the first little while of starting!

Growing a business that also enhances your lifestyle – is a lot more difficult. Nonetheless it is possible. And that is what I do with the business owners I work with. For me it’s about – Business and Life Harmony. So what’s the underlying secret to achieving it? Commit to becoming a better business person. It’s not one single thing that can make the difference to your business development. It’s a lot of things. You see most business owners are waiting for the ‘one big’ order or the ‘one great year’ or the ‘one great staff member’ that will make all the difference.