Are Anytime Fitness Enrollment Fees Too Low? Here’s a question you do not often hear asked: are Anytime Fitness enrollment fees too low because of their own good? Too low for WHOSE own good, you ask? After all, people joining as new fitness center associates of Anytime Fitness surely don’t brain if prices drop.

But from the standpoint of a little business owner, and specifically as a health and fitness center owner, are Anytime Fitness enrollment fees too low right now? 39 key-fee for anytime access. Have a look at the picture posted to the right. That is a real promotion being provided by Anytime Fitness in my area. month free 1. I took this picture today.

The existing health and fitness center people who paid more than a buck for his or her membership will feel like they were cheated. At best, they will feel disappointed that they skipped out on much because they joined up with too soon. A few of them who joined up with very lately may ask the fitness center owner to honor the sale price on their behalf as well and present them a partial refund. Many customers keep a “working tally” in their mind of how much things should cost. Whenever a price drops to a fresh low, what you’ve done is defined that price mentally lower for the price-conscious customer. You’ve lowered the bar, as they say.

1 month free. It’s a mental game of types, where people take satisfaction in achieving the cheapest possible price on their purchases. They’ll understand that price, and some of them shall keep in mind it for a long period. 10 (or whatever), those price-conscious consumers won’t bite. This concept that the client remembers the lowest market price and waits to buy until they can meet or beat that price isn’t exclusive to the fitness center industry. Many consumers “fill up” on groceries when they can get a great price.

I’ve been known, for example, to buy ten tubes of toothpaste once i see it on sale for under I’ve ever seen it before. I recall that lowest selling price and buy appropriately. Another great example is the purchase of stocks and shares. Many investors will evaluate a stock and look at the 52-week high and 52-week low.

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If nothing at all intrinsic to the business has transformed since it hit that 52-week low, i quickly may decide to wait around and buy when it strikes that 52-week low again. Why pay more for the stock than the 52-week low? So, back again to the initial question: are Anytime Fitness enrollment fees too low? The bottom line is that there are probably better ways to run a health and fitness center advertising. 6 ranking in Entrepreneur’s “Franchise 500 List”.

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